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Our Service

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Spiritual Service

Evangelical service

The Major spiritual service is to preach the word of God to everyone and to proclaim the incarnation and redemption of our Lord Jesus for the salvation of every one

Pastoral service

  • The Bishopric of Africa is providing a pastoral service for current church congregations within the bishopric countries
  • liturgy prayers for the current church congregation
  • Pre-baptized courses
  • Sunday school for kids and youth
  • Service preparation programs to prepare local serving servant
  • Home visitations for slum areas
  • Monthly Orphanage visits
  • Prison visitations
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Medical Service

Who can serve in Medical missions?

Doctors, Pharmacists & Nurses.

What specialities are needed?

Doctors with different specialities; for consultations, minor procedures & surgeries.

How are procedures and surgeries done?

Patients to be prepared before the mission arrives. Medical supplies (all supplies used in surgeries or for doctors’ needs) are also ready. Medications are free for all patients—health awareness campaigns in schools and universities for HIV and other contagious diseases.

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Developmental service
  • We contribute to fulfilling basic human needs.
  • We believe that this is a prerequisite to any further self-realization.
  • We support the growth and self-realization of every person to grow into an effective member of society.
  • We empower local communities to drive the change themselves.
  • We cooperate with stakeholders from different sectors to achieve sustainable solutions.

Assets & Engineering Management

  • The Bishopric of Africa Is now managing the current church assests and lands.
  • We are expanding and building visitors buildings to Absorb missions’ members and residents.
  • The Bishopric is now planning for future projects to be implemented.
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What we hope to achieve
  • We hope to have sustained service in our served countries all year long
  • We hope to explore and open new areas to evangelize and serve
  • We hope for the expansion of the local orthodox congregation
  • We hope to do community service projects like Senior houses, Church Orphanage homes, Polyclinics/ Vocational centers, Nursery, and soup kitchen/ sports playgrounds.
Contact Us to know more.
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How you can contribute
  • Prayers to the service; we believe in the power of prayers that are capable of doing miracles and “so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ” (col 1:28)
  • Come give us a hand You can come over and help us by joining short/long missions during the whole year round
  • Donate; donations will support services offered to the needy, the sick and developmental services in church and countries (either monetary or materialistic)
  • Sponsor; you can sponsor a family or child by scheduling monthly fixed donations of 50$ and its multiple or any other currency
Contact us to join our team.